Home Automation

The future is here.

With modern day technology, you now have the ability to control the lighting, temperature and appliances in your home with a single remote, any where in your home.

Trust Sheehans to help you make the change to simple living.

New Builds

If you’re building a new home, Sheehans can install a smart wiring system while your home is being built, making the conversion seamless and cost effective.


You don’t have to start from scratch to have a modern home. Just because a house is old, doesn't mean it can't have the latest technology. Book a consultation to find out how our team of experts can help you update your current place.

When only the best will do!

Built on a foundation of three basic principles: look after your staff, be good to your clients and produce work with pride, we stand by our mantra that “only the best will do”.

Sheehans is one of Perth’s leading electrical and smart home innovation companies, combining 30 years of experience with an exceptional level of service and expertise.

Providing our customers a complete service from consultation to installation, Sheehans is your one stop shop for getting your home connected.

Whether you’re looking to retrofit your existing property, renovating or building from scratch, we can design and install the latest in modern technology to fit your home.