Electrical Services

Sheehans are your number one for all things electrical.

No matter how big or small, our expert team of industry professionals have the experience and qualifications to get it done.

Providing after hours emergency services, domestic and commercial.

Smart Home Automation

The future is here.

With modern day technology, you now have the ability to control the lighting, temperature and appliances in your home with a single remote, any where in your home.

Trust Sheehans to help you make the change to simple living. 


You can’t put a price on your safety.

Sheehans work with the latest and greatest technology to offer maximum protection for you, your family and your home. While we use highly sophisticated tech, we ensure our systems are user friendly ultra-convenient. By investing in comprehensive security systems, you are investing in your personal safety while adding value to your home.

Don’t wait for an incident to occur to seriously consider security installation. Prevention is the best method of protection.   

HiFi & Home Theatre

Sit back, switch on and enjoy the luxury of experiencing cinema quality from the comfort of your own home.

With expert sound and picture quality, ENJOY more control over with less ads in your Sheehans home theatre.

Home Renovation

Update your home’s functionality along with your colour scheme by switching to modern electrical work to match your freshly renovated abode.

Lighting Design

When it comes to lighting, we know how to turn it on.

With a Sheehans lighting automation system, convert your home to smart lighting and manage your lighting more efficiently. 

Whether you’re thinking of building, currently building, or want to enhance your existing home, we can brighten up your home.   

Ducted Vacuum

Ditch the dust with a Sheehans installed ducted vacuum system. Supplying significantly more power than a normal vacuum cleaner, cleaning your home with more speed and less effort.

Forget the hassle of carrying the weight of the vacuum around your home, the messy bags and the noise, ducted vacuums offer no fuss, no effort, no noise, just a clean home!